About us

Why Tourist Primer?

We decided to build a Tourist Primer, a blog with travel inspirations and recommendations, at the times of Coronavirus. At probably the first time in centuries, when people around the world stopped travelling. Sounds perhaps a little bit crazy. But… we’ve spent most of the lockdown going through our best memories to don’t get mad. We realised we’ve got a lot to share. About our travels, adventures or flavours we’ve experienced.

There will be less detailed stories here. Much more short and simple lists of places to stay, attractions, museums or restaurants recommended by us. That is because we feel its something much more useful in perhaps the only boring and stressful moment of travelling – organizing stage.

Why would you trust in our recommendations?

However, judging something only on one’s experience, it’s not very objective. As we want our advice to be more reliable, we decided that rather than sharing only our opinions, we will also do in-depth research about each thing.

Our rankings take into consideration:

Our and our friends' opinions

Customers reviews from different sources

Other industry bloggers posts

Online activity of analyzed company

This way, you are getting the cumulative opinion of thousands of users with a short, time-saving description. And that’s how you make travelling plans quicker and without fail.